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The Cary Photographic Artists meets at 7:00 p.m., on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at The Cary theatre, 122 E. Chatham St., Cary, unless otherwise noted. Map to Parking at The Cary - Please observe parking restrictions.

If you wish, come early at 6:30p.m. and join in our social time. It is a great opportunity to spend a few minutes catching up with friends, getting to know fellow members, introducing your guest around, exchanging ideas and generally having a nice time before the program starts!

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What's New!
February 2020
Meeting Highlights

February 12:Show & Tell
Dues-current members who plan to attend. Send up to 3 jpeg images to cpa.inbasket@gmail.com by Sun, Feb 9. As we view the images, share: why you found them interesting or what made the shot challenging to shoot/process or what you might do differently with a do-over.

To ensure that images display as well as possible, please adhere to guidelines:CPA Upload. Briefly, CPA file naming convention is yourname-nn-xxx.jpg. Where nn is a sequence number so your images will sort in the order you want and xxx is whatever description you want. For example, jdoe-01-sunset.jpg. File size-images not to exceed (H) 1050 pixels (W) 1400 pixels

February 26 - Aurora Deluca
Macro with Insects
Aurora is a portrait and macro photographer based in Cary, NC. She specializes in children and newborn portraits as well as live insect macro photos. She enjoys working with children and babies to produce classic, timeless portraits with a modern minimalist edge. Aurora has won numerous awards, received her Master of Photography in 2017 and her Photographic Craftsman in 2019. Aurora enjoys teaching other photographers the joy of producing beautiful artwork both for their clients and themselves