Our education goal is to:

  • Learn, teach, and share our passion for photography.
  • Establish a forum in which individuals with an interest in the art of photography may share their photographic experiences.
  • Broaden the art scene in Cary by providing:

      - Continuing education and enhancement of photographic techniques.

      - Exposure opportunities for the more experienced photographers.

      - Introductory opportunities for novice photographers.

Education Outreach

- Area High Schools
CPA ORE Modules; OutReach Education:  The CPA ORE modules are originally mined from members of our education outreach program directed to area high school students. However, like any mined ore, these modules will prove valuable to any beginning photographic artist.


  1. Photography Fundamentals - David Spector
  2. Composition - Harry O'Connor
  3. Black & White - John Stanton
  4. Computer Editing - Evelyn Durmaz
  5. Architecture - Sterling E. Stevens
  6. Portraiture - Brooke Meyer
  7. Action Photography - Serge Beaudoin
  8. Matting and Framing - Mike Greenstein
  9. Panoramas and Photostitching - Evelyn Durmaz
  10. Travel Photography - Wenjin Yu
  11. Using the Histogram - Evelyn Durmaz

Other Community Education Outreach

  1. Four Seasons Tours at NCMA Park - Joe Lipka

CPA General Education Modules:

  1. Understanding Your Histogram, by Heath Clayton PDF
  2. Getting Started in Photo Blogging, by Harry O'Connor PDF
  3. A brief tutorial about Adobe Digital Imaging products, by Thomas Zuber PDF
  4. A tutorial on cropping, by Thomas Zuber. PDF
  5. Basic Photo Enhancement with Photoshop Elements by Harry O'Connor. PDF
  6. Getting Started With Digital, by Melissa Southern. PDF
  7. Optimizing Your Images for the Canon Realis SX80 Projector, by Thomas Zuber. PDF
  8. Converting a Photo to B&W In Photoshop Elements V6 and Above, by Harry O'Connor. PDF
  9. High Dynamic Range, by Thomas Zuber PDF
  10. Digital Printing-Do It Yourself, by Thomas Zuber PDF
  11. Panoramic Photography, by Patrick Day PDF
  12. Projection File Submission Guidelines, by Thomas Zuber PDF
    • CPA Image File Submission Guidelines Simplified PDF
    • CPA Lightroom Export Templates Download ZIP
    • CPA Lightroom Export Templates Instructions PDF
  13. Panoramic Photography, by Patrick Day PDF
  14. Raw vs JPEG, by Harry O'Connor PDF
  15. Finding EXIF data, by Harry O'Connor PDF
  16. CPA Photomacography, by Ted Salamone PDF
  17. Color Management, by Thomas Zuber PDF
  18. Architectural Photography by Patrick Day PDF
  19. Working with Raw Files by Ted Salamone PDF
  20. Photographing with Invisible Light - Harry O'Connor PDF
  21. Workflow Considerations-2011 - John Schwaller PDF
  22. Tethered Shooting - Jim Larcom PDF
  23. New CPA Web Site - Forums - Harry O'Connor PDF
  24. Photographing waterfalls - Harry O'Connor 2017 PDF
  25. Creating a Photographic Project - Jon Kolkin PDF
  26. Basic Color Management for Digital Printing - John Pagliuca Web Slide Show
  27. Art of Photography Composition & Creativity - Brooke Meyer PDF
  28. Photo Restoration Basics - John McCorsley PDF
  29. Black and White Photography: A Personal Manifesto - Fran DeRespinis PDF
  30. Preparing Photographs for Exhibition - John Lapp & Scott Mais PDF
  31. Two Projects, Two Paths - Joe Lipka PDF
  32. Boxes of Prints or a Book? Slides - Joe Lipka PDF
  33. Boxes of Prints or a Book? Notes - Joe Lipka PDF