Looking in, out and through

My favorite challenge is to have contrasting light indoors and outdoors and to make both visible. I am not always successful.
  1. Page Walker carriage
  2. Fishing in the fog
  3. cooler by the lake
  4. Under the Bridge, 1,000 Islands, NY
  5. Old house, VA, near Williamsburg
  6. Old Corn Crib, New River Trail
  7. Looking in the root cellar, Duluth, 
An archeology project
  8. Big Darby Creek, OH
  9. Charleston
  10. Sunlit buables, Wythville, VA
  11. Looking in the barn , 18th century barn in southern Ohio
  12. Reflection Salinas, CA  You can see in the vacant bank building and the street beyond from the cafe window.
  13. Roman's shed  HDR
  14. The Malt Shop Duluth, you can see the interior and Lake Superior beyond.
  15. Blue Ridge from motel
  16. 1,000 Island, NY Library, you can see inside the library and out the opposite window
  17. Art Center remodeling
  18. Bank across the street
  19. Spider Web looking through fence rails, New River Trail
  20. Old corn crib, New River trail
  21. After the rain in Kaui
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