Landscapes, Light and Color by Don Namm

Things I like to shoot generally are outdoors, not man-made and have no people in them. There might be the odd exception. Usually because I like HDR and reserve that for shots other than landscapes.
  1. Bodie Outhouses
  2. Mono Lake Sunrise 2
  3. Mono Lake Sunrise 1
  4. Yosemite 146
  5. Vulcan Sunset
  6. The Color of Wind
  7. Sun Risen
  8. Rainbow in Lee Vining, CA
  9. Grandfather Mountain Sunrise
  10. Moses Cone Manor
  11. My baby, Duke
  12. Half Dome at Yosemite
  13. Lone Pine Peak Moonset
  14. Beaver Dam
  15. Aspen leaves
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